Born as a family business, we believe in the values of individual skills. For us, family is something which trespasses the boundaries of the closest ties. It means moving on with common goals and ever-evolving perspectives, the ultimate purpose of which is tackling the greatest challenge ever: being the partner our customers are looking for by creating products apt to live up to the standards of luxury fashion industry.


Accessories with a soul

Our company is specialised in the manufacturing of accessories - made of metal and other materials as well - for the fashion, apparel, footwear industry and for leather goods. 
Our products are at the heart of our work approach, that is, looking for those details able to enhance every project and make it functional. A vocation which enabled our business to evolve from mere product supplier to a trusted partner for thorough and integrated assistance. Our services range from design to product development and prototyping, up to after-sales support.


Always trying to go one step beyond our limits

We believe in the future and strive for excellence. Driven by such inspiring principles, we have enriched METALP’s world ever more. A business born in 1985 together with Zamak die-casting of metal accessories for the fashion industry, now a core reference point for high-end fashion goods manufacturers.
Our advantages? Customer support throughout the production process, competitive timing, confidentiality, impeccable quality and utmost professionalism in every project.


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