Efficiency geared towards the environment

Our company has recently installed an innovative, automatic galvanic system which allows us to carry out both frame-line and barrel-plating processing.
Our galvanic treatments are completely nickel-free and include, other than due preparation steps, several possible finishes: white bronze, tin-cobalt, gold, palladium, black palladium, etc.
Moreover, our galvanic-treatment department has an analysis laboratory to monitor galvanic plating processes and a quality control office as well, equipped with a spectrophotometer, a cabinet with coded lights and XRF Fischerscope to control the colours of the metal layers. Thanks to these cutting-edge technologies and to high-level professionals, we can meet our customers’ needs, granting high quality standards and flexibility.


Perfection born from utmost care

Not only METALP encompasses a complete and efficient production method, it is also a trusted partner, always by your side to guarantee the quality of the final products.We establish quality controls at specific stages of the production process. This allows us to act promptly in the event of anomalies or technical problems. Our attention to quality extends throughout the process, up to final checks before shipment.


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