Metal P has always been committed to fully embracing sustainable development. The uncontrolled exploitation of the resources of our planet and the ever-growing pollution of air, soil and water are mistakes a civil society cannot allow, as they will burden on future generations. Metal P is aware of this and, for this reason, has opted for a series of choices – in terms of systems and procedures – aimed at minimising the impact of our business on the environment. First and foremost, a physical-chemical purification system has been installed to reduce the pollutants present in the industrial waste water of our production site.
The company objectives encompass minimising waste of water resources, recycling the water used for cooling both our machinery and the galvanic system.Moreover, 2500sqm of photovoltaic panels were installed, capable of generating up to 350kWh. In this way, much of the energy consumed by our company comes from renewable sources.

Waste-water treatment plant

Achieving our objectives requires the highest levels of technological, stylistic and human skills. Thanks to the enhancement of human resources, the increase in know-how and the updating of our tools (systems, hardware and software) at the highest levels, creating accessories has turned – over the years - into a real production process in which creativity and craftmanship blend with the best technologies in mechanics, metallurgy and chemistry, necessary to comply with the best quality standards.
We have placed the internationalisation challenge at the top of our efforts by implementing a sales department able to satisfy the demands and needs of the foreign market, to help brands to create and consolidate their own identity every day, through accessories increasingly targeted to specific needs.

Code of ethics

Metal P of Paris G & C Srl firmly believes that each activity must be carried out ethically. In other words, "it cannot be carried out in conflict with social utility or in a way that could damage safety, freedom, or human dignity."In particular, the company is committed to ensuring protection and confidentiality of personal data, in compliance with current regulations; as all recipients are required not to use confidential information and to act according to the obligations of confidentiality, which are based on mutual trust with their employees.
Metal P of Paris G & C Srl pays great attention to the conduct of its employees, who are required to protect the image and reputation of the company and from which the latter achieves its objectives – especially refraining from any form of unfair or deceptive behaviour that could lead customers or suppliers to rely on unfounded facts or circumstances.


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