In a world in which the firm is faced with the increasingly rapid changes in the market scenario, in a world which is becoming increasingly imperative to embrace new strategies for competitiveness, METALP, with a strong history that began in 1985, offers to its customer eager to gather together and win these challenges.
The brothers began a Paris’ business-casting of the zamak in the field of fashion accessories in the metal scene at the time already a very lively and today, supported by fresh and effiancati and shared initiative of the younger generation successors in the company, continue to meet the multiple and changing needs of an increasingly demanding customer with good reason.
From the conception of a model, the design and construction of the mold until the molding step and finishing, METALP is increasingly able to understand the market demand and materialize it into a finished product in the hands of the customer quickly and efficiently without equal. Buttons, studs and buckles are shaped by the dialogue between the demand and who, in the company, who interprets and directs the efficient production sector working the piece, from who conception to who accompaniment is to those who, for market reasons, it prompts you with speed and extremely competitive prices.
To obtain these results, the company has built over the years a mix of style and design, accompanied by a production process in which the latest manufacturing technologies in the field of mechanical and casting are subject to management control and information along the entire route of’ accessory, from raw material to delivery.
METALP is more and more excited to continue a story that focuses on the customer and its applications by offering a face increasingly dynamic and never forgets the lessons of thirty years of market presence.
metalp2 MISSION

In METALP believe that the accessory does not have a purely aesthetic function, but rather it expresses the concept that our customers have the person and how it evolves in culture and society.
For this reason, the relationship with the customer is elevated from the mere provision of a true partnership.
From the idea of the object, through the aesthetic and functional design to implementation, ending with the excitement and flavor of the finish, we create a unique and particular from technological appeal.


Achieving the goals of our company requires the highest levels of technology skills, stylistic and humans.
Over the years, the construction of the accessory has become a real production process in which the creativity and craftsmanship is combined with the best technology in the mechanical, metallurgical and chemical, necessary to maintain the highest quality standards in the market today.
In this context it has introduced a continuous improvement of the central functions of the process
office-design and creation
-technical office
-foundry and molding
through the development of human capital, the increase in know-how and the upgrade of our tools (equipment, hardware and software) at the highest levels.
Considering the current market scenario, we have placed at the top of our efforts the challenge of using commercial office meets the demands and needs of both the non-EEC European market that not having difficulty in relating to different languages ​​(English, French and German) and cultures.
Anything to help each brand to create and consolidate every day its brand identity through accessories increasingly targeted to specific needs.